SSL Certificate Website Installation


Have our team install and integrate your SSL certificate into an existing website. Purchasing an SSL certificate is only half the battle. Proper installation and integration into an existing WordPress is the essential second half.

LetsEncrypt FleetSSL (DV) *Wildcard


FleetSSL cPanel uses the Let's Encryptâ„¢ service, which provides you with the ability to issue and install Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates (including wildcards) for your hosted domains.

The FleetSSL service can be used and applied to *ALL* domains and sub-domains hosted within each cPanel account.

Unlike other SSL certificates, a monthly or yearly purchase option is available.

LetsEncrypt FleetSSL *For Resellers*


This option is the same as the LetsEncrypt FleetSSL DV, only targeted towards WHM Resellers OR customers will multiple cPanel accounts, to apply to all of their cPanel hosting instances.