How to report a message as SPAM or NOT SPAM?

First you should know that
1. Anyone you email will never have a message blocked (or in other words, anyone you email will go on whitelist ).
2. Never email a spammer -- you validate their address authorizing them to spam you.
3. Don't forward spam -- it makes the spam filter think you like it.
4. Report spam by forwarding it to the address (read below for more info).
5. If you become aware that mail you want is being blocked send the sender an email so their mail isn't blocked any more, or you can send an email to and put the sender email in the body of your email.

How to report SPAM?
When you receive a SPAM message you have a choice to either just delete it and move on, or Report it to our mail server to improve its antispam performance.  To report the spam message select the message in your inbox, right-click and select "Forward as attachment." or simply "Forward" if your email software doesn't support "Forward as attachment" . Address it to and click SEND. Done , you have reported the spam message.

How to report a false positive email?
If you see a valid message on your spambox@ pop3 or /spambox imap folder, you can report this message to our Mail server as valid email. To report the message select the message in your inbox, right-click and select "Forward as attachment." (If your email software doesn't support "Forward as attachment" simply forward the mail.) Address it to and click send. In a short time you will receive an email confirmation . Or you can also REPLY the message  (not spam, false positive) who are getting mail with the subject [ SPAM ]. This will add their addresses to the server WHITELIST and their mail won’t be blocked any more.

How to report a valid email (whitelisting)?
You can report valid email addresses to You can either put the addresses in the body of the message, or as recipients of the message. If you want to add all the addresses in your valid address book to the whitelist, create an email and put your entire address book in the body section of the message and send it to to You may read the documentation  for more info.

a) The spam database is reloaded/rebuilded on your server each 24 hours. What does it mean? If you report a "spam" or a "not spam" email to your server (see above how to), the report will be accepted when the spam database will be rebuilded, each 24 hours.

b) You should always receive a confirmation message when you send a request to assp-spam@, assp-notspam@, assp-white@. If you don't receive it , please read point c).

c) You should always send your email reports using your smtp mailserver ( If you send your email reports with another smtp mailserver (i.e. , the email report will no be accepted. Also be sure that "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentification" is checked on your email client (smtp advanced settings).

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