Adaptable and seriously scalable

Send email campaigns, newsletters, announcements and notifications. Send a single email to hundreds or millions of subscribers.

  • You can have an unlimited number of segmented lists with complex demographic data
  • You can import your email addresses and attributes from your email account, online shop, blog or database
  • Subscribers can update their own email address, personal data, and subscription preferences

Tracking and Statistics

  • Track how many subscribers opened your message, clicked each link, or forwarded the message and compare across campaigns
  • View statistics by campaign, URL, and subscriber for a thorough analysis

Intelligent deliverability

  • Intelligent bounce processing
  • Continuous monitoring of blacklists and deliverability
  • Automatic spam complaints processing from major mail hosts
  • Send campaigns in 20+ languages and subscribe pages can be internationalized too
  • Queued messaging system prevents subscribers from getting the same email even if they’re subscribed to multiple lists


$10.00 /mo

Or $120.00 yearly
  • Up to 500 Emails
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$20.00 /mo

Or $200.00 annually
  • Up to 2500 emails
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$30.00 /mo

Or $300.00 annually
  • Up to 5000 emails
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Standard Plus

$45.00 /mo

Or $450.00 annually
  • Up to 7500 emails
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$65.00 /mo

Or $650.00 annually
  • Up to 10000 emails
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Unique Static IP

$50.00 annually

  • non-shared email IP
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